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The Dawn of the Dread DLC spices up Deep Rock Galactic

deep rock galactic dawn of the dread

Even when you find yourself digging miles underground, you’ve got to look good doing so and with the latest DLC pack for Deep Rock Galactic, you’ll be able to do just that, rocking some new threads and gear with the new Dawn of the Dread Pack. 

Present, correct and available for purchase from the usual digital stores right this minute, the Deep Rock Galactic – Dawn of the Dread Pack provides something a little unique for all the Deep Rock miners out there. 

Priced at £6.69 – which honestly feels a little high but when you consider the game is available in Xbox Game Pass, it just about works – the Dawn of the Dread Pack will deliver you new sets of armour, new helmets and new paint jobs for your mining team to rock. In fact, they are so unique that they’ll be having you actually kitted out in the broken remains of your fallen foes. And in anyone’s books, that’s some way to go digging. 

So what do we have exactly? Well, the Dawn of the Dread pack for Deep Rock Galactic gives you a new piece of armour for each Class, and a new helmet that comes in two flavours – that of Full Face and Half Face. Further to that though is the opportunity to drop a rather tasty looking Dawn of the Dread paint job on to all armours, all weapons, Bosco AND your trusty old pickaxe. And if you’ve ever played Deep Rock Galactic, you’ll know how vital that pickaxe is to any form of success. 

Whilst these are only cosmetic additions and won’t help with any burying underground, if you’re serious about the job in hand and wish to look good whilst you do so, it’s probably just about worth a consideration. If you agree, you’ll find the Xbox Store is able to provide the Dawn of the Dread pack for purchase. You’ll probably find it on the other format stores too, like that of PC.

As always, if you grab it, let us know what you think of it. Those comments are right below these words. 

DLC Description:

The Dawn of the Dread Pack is here to offer something…a little bit different. Spice up your look with four new sets of unique armor (one per class), new helmets, and new Paintjobs. This Pack is reserved for the true Big Game Hunters of Hoxxes – dress up in the broken remains of your slain enemies, and make a statement! What exactly that statement IS, however…that’s probably better left for the company shrink.

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