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It’s had a great run and is still right up there as one of our most favourite of all Xbox games, but Zombie Army 4: Dead War is finally reaching a conclusion, as Rebellion drop the Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack to the world, along with a variety of DLC packs and new Horde map.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War has been drawing in players for just over two years now, with the original base game well complemented by a ton of DLC offerings. We’ve had character skins, we’ve had new maps and and we’ve had additional campaign chapters to play through since that release, but now the end of nigh as Ragnarök concludes the Dead War.

We guess Rebellion will be fast focused on the upcoming release of Sniper Elite 5 in future months, but for now we find them delivering new goodies for all Zombie Army 4 players. It’s the Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack which is the main thrust, including a two-part campaign mission and character outfits. But there’s the arrival of a new Death Collector Horde map for free to all too.

Alpha Squad’s final mission has been set as they must descend further into hell to destroy Project Ragnarök and bring the nightmare to an end once and for all. Found in the new Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack for Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a two-part campaign mission as well as new outfits for Karl, Marie and Josiah.

It’s all available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Steam, Microsoft Store, Google Stadia as well as for the newly released Nintendo Switch version. And no matter which version you are playing, all Zombie Army 4 players will also receive the new Death Collector Horde Map free as part of a title update today.

In the new mission the few surviving members of the cult have retreated deep into hell and put the mysterious Projekt Ragnarök into effect. With the help of Schweiger, Alpha Squad need to stop the plan which threatens to destroy the world.

You’ll find that the Ragnarök Campaign & Character Pack contains:

Expect to pay £12.99 for the Campaign & Collector’s Pack, whilst the Ragnarök Campaign just by itself will set you back £7.99. Each of the Future Karl, Marie Lounge Singer and Josiah Detective Outfits are available for £2.49 each too.

Just head to your favourite digital store (links above will whisk you to the Xbox Store) and grab what you want. You’ll obviously need a copy of Dead War to hand.

DLC Description:

The nightmare is almost over, but the few surviving members of the Hell Cult have retreated deep into Hell, and have put into motion the mysterious Projekt Ragnarök. Schweiger is the only one able to guide Alpha Squad to wherever they have hidden, and to stop whatever ritual of annihilation threatens the world. Conquer Hell in the devastating 2-part Ragnarök campaign, and hopefully find some answers in the process. In addition, there are a whole host of new outfits and headgear for you to try out while you battle through the inferno!

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