indie puzzle bundle vol 1 xbox one

Over the years we’ve seen the team at Digerati make the most of a number of game bundles, as they bring together their most successful games as one, delivering the content to Xbox One gamers at crazy cheap prices. That is what we are seeing again today as the Indie Puzzle Bundle Vol. 1 drops, pushing forward no less than 4 great games at one hugely impressive price.

Available right now from the Xbox Store, the Indie Puzzle Bundle Vol. 1 sees Digerati put 4 games of the highest quality together, all of which – as if you hadn’t guessed by the title – delve into the puzzling side of gaming.

The recent release of Glass Masquerade is included in this bundle, alongside the cute Pipe Push Paradise, the gory Slayaway Camp and the brain-teasing brilliance of Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey. By checking out our reviews of each game by clicking the links in place, you’ll quickly begin to understand the high quality that each of these games deals with.

With these 4 games usually costing you £40.16 if you were to grab them individually, the standard Indie Puzzle Vol. 1 price of £33.49 allows for a decent saving. But what’s more, the launch price for this set of games brings that down even more – right down to just £9.99 in fact. That’s crazy money for 4 brilliant games and so if you haven’t yet experienced any of them, would do extremely well to head to the Xbox Store immediately in order to grab them.

You’d be mad to miss the chance to get these games for mere pennies.

Bundle Description:

Includes: Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut Glass Masquerade Pipe Push Paradise Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey


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