The Evil One - The Man with the White Eyes Xbox

Films based on books are already commonplace. Games based on books however, are only really a handful. But developer RedDeer.Games have just announced a new title based on a cult Polish crime novel, coming to Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. It’s called The Evil One and is arguably the most popular crime novel of the People’s Poland (PRL).

“The Evil One is often called the Polish Batman – this comparison has already shown the novel’s potential. Tyrmand dedicated his book to the city of Warsaw and we also intend to show the city that rises from its ruins. For an international audience, it will be called Bad City and will often be mentioned as a City by a capital C. Fans of the novel have nothing to fear – we will certainly convey the unique atmosphere of the underworld, streets, gates, and buildings of the capital, and at the same time we will ensure accessibility for players from outside Poland. I am proud of the Team who imagined at an early stage how during the dynamically developing technology and emerging new fields of exploitation, we can build not only the game but the whole world that we call the “multiverse”. We will bring it closer and reveal it in the next steps”, says Michał Maciej Lisiecki – co-founder and CEO of RedDeer.Games.

Set in 1950s Warsaw as the city begins to rebuild itself, a mysterious vigilante brings justice to the criminal underworld. His only distinguishing feature is his white eyes. Yet, the people of Warsaw know they can trust him.

The Evil One – The Man with the White Eyes will be an isometric action-adventure title, developed in cooperation with Destructive Creations.

“Our partners from Destructive Creations have shown that they can reflect the past and at the same time give it the right tone and atmosphere – as was the case in, for example, War Mongrels. This is what we are looking for in The Evil One – the world of Tyrmand is not only history but also an instantly recognizable atmosphere. The Destructive Creations experience gives us confidence that the City will perfectly reflect our vision and experiences of Tyrmand.” – Lisiecki adds.

Any sign of a release date is expected to be a while away yet. The Evil One will be being made in Unreal Engine 5. We will definitely let you know when there is any further news on this title, it is one to keep an eye out for. You can also keep track of it on The Evil One Twitter page here. Let us know in the comments if you are already excited for this game.

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