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Year 3 Season 1 and it’s time for For Honor on Xbox One, PS4 and PC to ring the changes. In gaming terms that means we can expect to see a new map, extra gameplay updates, hero improvements and a brand new addition to the roster. The question is, are you ready for Vortiger?

Ubisoft have today confirmed a whole host of new additions for For Honor on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with the headline news being that of Vortiger, The Black Prior, getting ready to join the fight.

The Black Prior is a new Dark Hero who will be joining the Knight Faction in For Honor with the launch of Year 3, Season 1 on the 31st January 2019. It is this Season which will bring four new Heroes, new maps, seasonal events and gameplay updates along the way, with the first batches gearing up to release.

But who are the Black Priors? Well, these heavy heroes wield a large kite shield and longsword, fighting alongside the Knights but free from the code of chivalry. Whatever victory’s cost, the Black Priors will pay the price. Once Apollyon’s faithful warriors, today they fight with their leader, Vortiger, reinventing their legacy and bringing chaos to the battlefield.

If the Black Prior sounds good to you then you’ll be please to hear that the latest addition to the For Honor roster will be immediately playable for all owners of the Year 3 pass on 31st January, while all other players will be able to unlock the Black Prior on 7th February for 15,000 Steel.

Further to this, and running in line with the Hero improvements introduced during the past year, Year 3, Season 1 will also introduce additional Hero updates to improve the roster, focusing on the Shugoki, Warlord and Peacekeeper.

Additionally, a new Dominion map – that of Harbor – will be added free for all For Honor players on the launch date of Season 3. Harbor is a port town on the shores of Lake Eitrivatnen where the Black Priors once helped the Knights defend against their enemies. Ruthless strategies helped them win battles with impossible odds. The port still holds immense strategic value for its location and continues to be a highly contested area.

For those looking to receive 7 days of exclusive access to the new Year 3 Heroes at the time of their launch, then the Year 3 Pass is now available. It is also included in the For Honor Complete Edition.

With For Honor recently having been given away for free via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for August 2018, there really no reason why you shouldn’t be getting involved with the latest additions that Ubisoft are delivering. Our full review will tell you everything you need to know about the game should you not yet have spent time delving into the darkest of fighting arts.

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