The Four Kings Casino and Slots is now available on Xbox after spending several years on Steam and PlayStation 4 and after the release to the Nintendo Switch earlier this year. Today we’ll examine if it’s worthwhile to play this game on Xbox.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots Gameplay and Features

It is an MMO that provides a virtual social experience located inside a casino. In this casino, you are able to enjoy all the standard games like blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, and slot games. If you want something a little different, you can try out bowling, visiting a nightclub, and a bingo room.

The nightclub allows dancing, but that’s about all. Although this game has a faint Sims look, your options are constrained by how other players interact with you. You are able to switch between a couple of chats, and it serves as a helpful social center to play with people you’ve met here or with your mates on Xbox.

Your character creation happens in The Four Kings hotel. You can choose from a small variety of clothes and accessories, but there are lots of opportunities to unlock more by doing activities or making purchases at other stores using reward points (RP).

If you keep on playing for a long time, you’ll get entrance to the VIP area. Unlocking one of the three tiers requires some effort, but when you do, you could be disappointed in what you find there. There aren’t many differences other than a few tables that are somewhat different from those in the non-VIP rooms and an exclusive bar (you cannot drink at a bar, though).

Are In-Game Purchases Necessary?

The main problem, though, is whether purchasing chips is essential to fully appreciate this game. No, fortunately, it is not.

You receive 250 chips every 15 minutes of gaming time, you can participate in super slot spins that award chips everyday (and you will be able to get more spins by moving through different Tiers), and occasionally, chips will magically appear somewhere specifically for you to locate. You can follow someone around for up to 25,000 chips if you are fortunate enough to find yourself in a casino instance with them.

Additionally, there are other activities that, when finished, all award chips. Most of such tasks don’t need much effort on your part to unlock. In addition to all of this, there are occasionally free activities that you are going to be informed about in advance should you desire to participate, as well as events that often take place on the weekend.

Games Like The Four Kings Casino and Slots

There are a bunch of games like this one, namely Poker Master, The Coin Game, Nebula Realms, Monopoly Poker, HD Poker, Wonder Pot, etc. There are also a lot of great real money slot games to find at iGaming PA for avid gamers from Pennsylvania or any other state.

In Summary

The Four Kings Casino & Slots on Xbox is a way to spend a lot of time, like any MMO, but it’s also the ideal way to relax after work. With everything a casino would provide, plus more, there are days when you might wish to play some bingo or a few hands of blackjack. Everything is present here under one roof and contributes to the same advancement scheme and financial standing. Not many problems have arisen during the time we’ve spent in this game. Microtransactions are not necessary to enjoy the game, which is the main thing to remember.