dying light unturned weapon pack

It’s been five years since we were thrust into the manic world of Dying Light, left to hunker down and survive in one of the best zombie games of all time. Since that launch a whole host of content has continued to keep the experience fresh, and today that is happening once more as, again, we see Dying Light players gifted new free DLC.

The Unturned Weapon Pack is the free content on offer this time around and should you have the base game of Dying Light in place – and there really is no reason why you shouldn’t have it – a simple mosey on over to the Xbox Store will see this new pack becoming yours.

Free of charge to download and utilise, the Dying Light – Unturned Weapon Pack has been created specifically for the Unturned crossover event, and it brings into play no less than three new low-poly weapons – the Rake, the Machete and the Hockey Stick.

dying light unturned weapons

These new bits of gear are near-on indestructible, waste very little of your precious stamina when using them, and can be crafted with ease. With their damage level scaling up dependant on the user brandishing them, if you’re in dire straits and all else has seen you struggle, whipping these new weapons out could well turn the tide of the undead.

To get access, just head to the Xbox Store and grab your download.

DLC Description:

This free DLC created for the Unturned crossover event in Dying Light contains a unique outfit and blueprints for three completely new “low-poly” weapons modeled after Unturned items (Rake, Machete, and Hockey Stick). The weapons are almost indestructible, consume little stamina and can be crafted without any base weapon, which makes them a perfect fit for a starting player or a reliable backup gear for a seasoned Survivor. Their damage scales to player level, while high critical hit chances make combat extremely satisfying.

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