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You may have heard of the Starlit series of games, mostly found frequenting mobile app stores and occasionally that of console land – Starlit Adventures arriving a few years back. Bright, colourful and promising a ton of fun, the latest Starlit game to hit the Xbox scene is that of Starlit Kart Racing – and it’s FREE!

Starlit Kart Racing arrives on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as a free alternative to the plethora of other kart titles on the market. Whether it’s got enough about it to warrant a place at the top table alongside Mario Kart 64 or the very best karting games ever, is probably up for debate, but with zero cash outlay, this is one to at least give five minutes of your time to. 

Free to download and play, Starlit Kart Racing seems to do exactly what is asked of a kart racing. It’s colourful, it’s seemingly fun and it promises much excitement as you take to the track and prove yourself as the fastest driver of all. 

There are a fair old whack of features found in it too and whilst dozens of race tracks are promised, night races are a thing, challenges and battles look to commence and superpowers and pickups will change the course of a race on the flip, it’s the draw of multiple categories of racing and some highly customisable karts that appeal mostly to us. Oh, and of course, this is far from being just a single player experience – local multiplayer is in the house. 

Feature highlights include:

  • * Race on dozens of exciting tracks
  • * Experience mud, rain and even night races
  • * Win special challenges and battles against the Starlit bosses
  • * Use superpowers and special items to turn disputes around
  • * Collect beautiful customizable karts
  • * Choose a category according to your pace (from 150cc to 600cc)

For free, it all feels a no-brainer, if only should you download it from the Xbox Store and give it a play for an evening or two. If you like what you find, brilliant, crack on. If not, you’ll not have wasted a penny or dime in doing so. 

We’re looking to hit the racetrack and spend a decent amount of time with Starlit Kart Racing, knocking out a review once we’re done. Keep an eye out for that soon. 

Game Description:

Come show your skills as a pilot and your intelligence to use the super powers of karts! With this perfect combination, you will be the great Starlit Kart champion! Adrenaline fuels the mind-boggling races between heroes and villains from Starlit Adventures! Do you dare to join this team?

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