When the game developers promise to create the ultimate motorbike encyclopedia then you really do know that you are in for something special. But does Ride 3 fulfil the dreams made by Milestone Studios? You can find out right now with the Ride 3 Gold Edition.

Rocking up a few days prior to the standard release, the Gold Edition of Ride 3 allows us the chance to see first hand what Milestone Studios have been up to in recent months. After releasing a slew of racing titles on to Xbox One and PS4 over the course of 2018, the Italian development studio have now pushed things over the line to see the latest edition of their prize series hit the starting grid before attempting to blow away the competition.

For those in the know, the Ride series of games is the ultimate bike racing experience. Created by true motorbike fans for true motorbike fans, it’s established itself as the market leader, with the previous game – that of Ride 2 no less – taking home a little Guinness World Record for most licensed bikes ever dropped in to a video game.

Ride 3 promises to take things on to another level though and this time round you should not only witness it all thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 4, but the new experience will be encapsulated by the focus on realism, utter customisation and the variety of content. The racing won’t be bad either and no matter where in the world Ride 3 takes you, across numerous country circuits or through tight city streets, you’ll get to witness some of the most iconic racing platforms of the world, first hand.

Basically put, if you have any interest in the motorcycle racing scene then what Milestone Studios are promising with Ride 3 should more than scratch an itch. And it is that itch which will be sorted today with the release of the Gold Edition of the game, bringing with it not just that early access period, but an extra 60 bikes and 120 events via the included Season Pass, a little credits multiplayer to ensure your biking dreams are not left wanting, the Sport Bikes Pack with an addition 4 powerful beasts to hand, and the BMW R 1200 GS Pack thrown in for the ‘ride’.

To get yourself involved, the Xbox Store will provide all the equipment needed for £74.99. After that, the standard edition of the game should well be arriving on the 30th November for £49.99.

Edit: You’ll find the Standard Edition of Ride 3 now also available along with a Credits Multiplier for £3.99, the Italy Pack for for the same price, the Sports Bike Pack for £3.59 and the Season Pass as a standalone purchase at a cool £32.79.

Our full review is here too!

Game Description:

Expand your experience on two wheels with many new additional content, preorder your Gold Edition now and get: – Full game – 3 days early access – Season Pass (for a total of 60 new bikes and 120 events) – Credits Multiplier (double your credits in every event) – Sport Bikes Pack (4 new bikes, 1 Volume with 10 events) – BMW R 1200 GS Pack (1 new bike and 1 Volume with 5 events) Race on 30 different tracks all over the world and test out the speed of more than 230 bikes available. Discover the new Volumes career mode, which will give you maximum freedom of choice and the best bikes from the most famous manufacturers. What are you waiting for? Preorder now and start your adventure with RIDE 3.

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