The Golf Club is now available for download on Xbox One.

HB Studios next generation golf title is available as a digital download only right now. It’ll cost you £27.99 but will bring you a golifng experience like none other. With procedurally generated courses, a course editor that brings numerous features and the ability to play against either your mates or those around the world, The Golf Club is a must buy for any big time golf fan.

Game Description:

The Golf Club is a next generation Golf Simulation which offers outstanding gameplay and Gorgeous Visuals. With the ability to Procedurally Generate courses and the depth of social interaction within the game there truly are an unlimited number of golf courses that can be created, shared and played with your friends.

You can pick up The Golf Club by purchasing it direct on your Xbox One console or by visiting the Xbox Games Store.



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7 years ago

[…] that, we brought you two new reviews. Firstly, The Golf Club went live as an Xbox One digital download and we just had to get some thoughts out with regards that. With Tiger Woods and the EA golf games […]