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This week’s Rocksmith 2014 Edition content is a mixed old bag…bringing a number of hit singles to the game library.

Whilst we’ve seen a few Hit Singles packs already hit the Rocksmith catalogue, do any of them compare to the latest one? We’re not too sure they do you know as #4 looks rather decent.

Available to purchase as a £2.39 individual purchase or as a whole £7.99 song pack are the following tracks:

  • The Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin’
  • Sublime – Badfish
  • A Perfect Circle – The Outsider
  • Loverboy – Working for the Weekend

As is always the case, you can pick them up right now for Xbox One and Xbox 360 from the Xbox Games Store, Obviously, if you’ve decided to spend your time over in Playstation land, then you’ll have to find your own way to the PS3 and PS4 content. We’re sure it can’t be that hard to find!?

Rocksmith 2014 Edition promises to be the fastest way to learn guitar. If you haven’t yet picked it up, why don’t you check out our full review.

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