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Whether it be free content or paid content, the Milestone Studios team have continued to push the envelope with RIDE 4. And there seems like there will be no stopping them for the foreseeable future either as the free Bonus Pack 05 becomes available. 

The RIDE 4 Bonus Pack 05 is, as the name pretty much suggests, the fifth bonus pack to hit RIDE 4 since launch. Following on from Bonus Pack 01 which covered the Suzuki angle, Bonus Pack 02 which brought some Yamaha goodies to the track, Bonus Pack 03 and its Fireblade fantasy, and even the chance to head to Daytona USA with Bonus Pack 04, the new content to have hit RIDE 4 has been regular and plentiful. 

Bonus Pack 05 rolls with the same ideas, pushing out a new bike for RIDE 4 players to enjoy, alongside some extra events to test it in. It’s the Honda CBR 300R – Racing Modified (2017) which is the exclusive ride this time around; a bike that is as good looking and as fast as it is iconic. 

Throw in the five additional events that you’ll be able to work through, putting the CBR 300R right up to the limits and you’ll find little reason to not want to download this latest freebie. 

Of course, you will need a copy of RIDE 4 to hand in order to enjoy this – or any – of the content drops that Milestone have provided over the weeks. But honestly, if you’re reading this we’d suspect you’ve already fallen for the brilliant two-wheeled racer already. With that base game in place the usual digital stores will sort you out – the Xbox Store being our personal choice.

Let us know your thoughts though. Is this the type of new content that you are always on the lookout for? The comments are below. 

DLC Description:

Download the Bonus Pack 05 and expand your gaming experience with: – 1 exclusive bike, Honda CBR 300R – Racing Modified (2017) – 5 extra events

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