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Never judge a game by its visuals. And if you do, make sure that game isn’t A Day Without Me. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, A Day Without Me from the ChiliDog Interactive team looks all lovely and cute. The delicate use of colour, the child-like drawings, the semi open-world and the opportunity to be a teenager, doing teenage things, points to that. 

But like we say, you should never judge a game on that alone, because frankly, A Day Without Me is going to scare you silly. At times. When you least expect it. 

Priced at £4.19, taking a little cheeky punt on A Day Without Me is perfectly doable and if you’re after a decent premise, its going to do the job there too. You see, this will have you following the main character, a young child, as they wander the world around them, taking in what can only be described ass a disturbing, surrealist caper through suburbia.

And it’s a bit of luck that’s the best way of describing the action too, as it is those exact words which we’ve ripped straight from our full review of A Day Without Me on Xbox. We urge you to give it a read for the full details. 

If you do decide to jump in, expect a simple control scheme that is only really broken up by some choppy level design. A Day Without Me also struggles to bring about any real focus too, but if you’re in the market for a cheap little playthrough, and are ready to be scared silly, fill your boots. 

You’ll find the game kicking around on the Xbox Store right about now. Pay it a visit – if you dare. 

Game Description:

A Day Without Me is an intriguing adventure game with a high emphasis on puzzles. It combines adventure, horror and drama elements. Main character wakes up as the only person left in the whole city. Now he has to find out what’s happened, where has everyone gone and how to overcome a series of strange events happening in front of his own eyes. This narrative exploration title features semi-open world, stylish isometric graphics and unrestful story of the sole person left in the city. Being just a teenager, this boy has to do a man’s job — solve plenty of puzzles and challenges to uncover the mystery of everyone’s disappearance. Are you ready for «A Day Without Me»?

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