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We were beginning to worry that Train Sim World 2 fans were going to go an entire week without any form of enhancement or addition to their beloved game, but just as the week begins to draw to a close, Dovetail Games pop up with some DLC to ensure that isn’t the case. This time around it’s the rather good looking Southern BR Class 313 EMU which has become available.

Working on the back of the Train Sim World 2: East Coastway: Brighton – Eastbourne & Seaford Route add-on (something which you’ll need in your digital library in order for access to this latest drop), the Southern BR Class 313 EMU is something of joy.

It’s priced at £11.99 (and yep, we still think this is a hell of a price to pay for another add-on), but gives players the chance to head to the South Coast of England with the classic BR Class 313/2 – all fully adorned in the distinctive Southern Coastway livery and ready to serve Brighton, Seaford and beyond in Train Sim World 2: East Coastway.

For the stat fans, just 64 Class 313 EMUs were delivered between 1976 and 1977, based out of Hornsey TMD for the East Coast Main Line and Willesden TMD for the North London and Watford DC Lines. With a step-change in capacity and performance, sporting dual-voltage capability for the hell of it, the Class 313s revolutionised rail travel in the Capital. In fact, it wa the sister units which would also go on to sort out the commuters of East London, Merseyside and Strathclyde.

It hasn’t been long since the 313s were discontinued either, carrying on through North London service until 2010, after which good old London Overground replaced them with all new Class 378 Captialstars. But don’t think that was the last we saw of them and instead of going off to the big old scrapyard in the sky, 19 of the fleet were modernised and sent off to Southern, offering a much-needed capacity boost. The interior was refreshed and the cab modernised, with the change also came a change in subclass from 313/1 to 313/2.

Since that time, the units have remained in service, working through Lewes, via services to Seaford, and in the peak can reach as far as Eastbourne. With the withdrawal of their Great Northern counterparts, and the retirement of the Class 483 on the Isle of Wight, the Southern Class 313s are now the oldest EMUs in service in the country.

As you will understand, still standing strong and serving proud, the design of the 313 is unmistakable and that is why it has been decided to include them in Train Sim World 2 right now.

With the base game and that East Coastway route in place, you’ll just need to visit the digital store of your choice in order to add the Southern BR Class 313 to your game. The Xbox Store link is here, but the pack is also available on other Train Sim World 2 formats too – PlayStation and PC, for instance.

Let us know if you decide to hop onboard.

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