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Ready to confront darkness? Reckon you can save your inner child? The Inner Friend is coming to Xbox One and PS4 – and it’ll be here before you know it.

Created by the Montreal based development team at PLAYMIND, The Inner Friend is getting set to launch on Xbox One and PS4; come April 28th 2020 a whole new breed of gamer will be able to immerse themselves in the horror that it brings.

Telling of a story that covers self-discovery and catharsis, The Inner Friend works as a soul-searching experiment that takes you on a journey through a fragmented dreamscape… one that is led by a mysterious Shadow. From there you’ll discover horrifying monsters stalking The Shadow’s memories; monsters that you must evade and fight, all while dealing with obstacles and puzzles in the darkness of The Shadow’s mind.

Currently available on Steam, The Inner Friend will provide a better all-round experience when it drops on console, with a new alternate ending also in place. PC players will be happy to hear that their version will be updated to include this too.

“We at PLAYMIND are very excited to be able to share our game with a brand new audience on Xbox One and Playstation 4. While we are very proud of the accolades The Inner Friend has received, we think the best validation of our work comes from our fans that have allowed us to continue to make games. We can’t wait to welcome another wave of enthusiastic players to our community”, says Emmanuel Sevigny, founder and CEO at Playmind.

Key features on The Inner Friend include:

  • IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING : Immerse yourself in a visually-driven narrative with a minimalist interface
  • AN EERIE ADVENTURE : Journey through a surreal world inspired by childhood nightmares and psychology
  • DIVERSE GAMEPLAY MECHANICS : Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and defeat nightmarish foes
  • RECONNECT WITH YOUR INNER CHILD : Earn the Shadow’s trust to unlock new challenges and pieces of the story
  • COLLECT ALL ARTIFACTS : Rebuild the Shadow’s safe haven to save him from his darkest fears

If you are immediately sold on The Inner Friend then you should get over to the Xbox Store and put your pre-order in – it’ll set you back just £11.24 if you get your cash in upfront. Alternatively, grab it right now from the usual Steam store. Should you be wanting to know more, hold tight for our full review of The Inner Friend on Xbox One. We’ll be sure to drop you some thoughts.

Edit: If you wish to know more about The Inner Friend on Xbox One then make sure you check out our full review.

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