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Hunt: Showdown has changed massively in the two years since launch. After first making the most of Xbox Game Preview, then emerging into the scene for real, it’s been the slew of downloadable content additions that have really taken things to the next level. That’s the case today as The Kid starts playing games in Hunt: Showdown. 

The Kid is the latest DLC piece to join the Hunt: Showdown madness, bringing with it a new Hunter and two new Weapons. 

Priced at £6.69, The Kid follows on from the likes of the Through the Bone Briar and the Beast Hunter options to once more fill out opportunities for all players. 

So what do we have? Well this one is pretty simple really – we’ve got The Kid as the new Hunter, and a couple of new Weapons that come along for the ride, with these being Ember and Ash. If you’re looking for something a little different to those which are already in place, then you can fill your boots right now. 

The Xbox Store will cover the bases in terms of the download you need. Just be sure that you have a copy of the base game of Hunt: Showdown to hand prior to purchasing that of The Kid. If you do though, you’re totally good to go. Expect to find The Kid frequenting the PlayStation and PC stores too.

Let us know in the comments if you decide to pick it up. 

DLC Description:

The Abaddon boy was a troublemaker. Pickpocket from the time he was five years old, and no surprise coming from a family like that. A moonshine family. A gambling family. Weren’t nobody attended one of their poker games that went home with anything left in their pocket. Turner was the youngest of the eight, and a runt at that. Had a chip on his shoulder, and something to prove. Quick to pick a fight, and just as quick to run off – that is until he got so good at shooting that people started whispering he’d made some kind of dark deal. Was a shame what happened to his siblings though. Ember and Ash, they were called. Figures, seeing as they burned up inside the shack the ten of them lived packed into. All the others made it out. God marked them for the fire with names like that. Turner named his pistols after them. Said every shot was to remind him of them. Keep their memory alive. But I heard it was Turner who started the fire in the first place. Memory, guilt, loyalty. They’re funny things out here in the Bayou. Have a way of getting all twisted up into something sinister. Turner still acts like he has a lot to prove, but these days, he has the skill to prove it, especially with those two Caldwell Conversation Pistols at his sides. Wouldn’t recommend partnering up with him, but wouldn’t recommend underestimating him either. Not anymore. The runt come back to roost.

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