void bastards bang tydy dlc

When Void Bastards launched on Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass back in May, it provided access to a rather wonderful little indie experience; one full of innovation, addiction and humour. Today though that experience is becoming enhanced with the release of the Bang Tydy DLC. And first impressions see it come across just as the name suggests.

Available to add into Void Bastards right now, the Bang Tydy DLC will set you back just £4.19, yet that low price certainly doesn’t mean a low quantity of content with a new org introduced, a brutal new weapon to enjoy, and three new ships to explore.

When you consider that Void Bastards not only launched in Xbox Game Pass, but is also still sitting pretty in the scheme, that £4.19 asking price for this DLC becomes even more appealing with many no doubt more than happy to drop a content cost into the experience seeing as the base game comes at minimal cost.

Full details of the Bang Tydy DLC for Void Bastards can be found in the full DLC description below, but with the standard game providing such a decent experience – check out our full review for confirmation on that – this content pack could well be a no-brainer. In fact, it may even help counter some of the negatives we speak of in our review – namely delivering more variety and a tighter narrative.

We’ll only find out by delving into the Xbox Store and coming back with a download of the Void Bastards Bang Tydy DLC in hand. Will you be joining us on this new adventure?

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DLC Description:

Clean up your messy nebula with the Tydy DLC! Tydy adds a whole new org to Void Bastards as well as a brutal new weapon, a fiendishly dangerous new opponent, new ships to loot and the opportunity to collect additional heart starters, giving you a chance to keep your favourite client alive or beat that ironman challenge. Tydy vans roam the nebula dispensing neat-freak Tydy bots into every ship they visit. Although Tydy bots aren’t hostile, to them you’re just another dirty, dirty object to be vacuumed clean. Unfortunately for you, Tydy vacuums sucks the very air out of your lungs, making it hard to hang around. The good news is that parts from Tydy ships can be repurposed by clever clients and used to build your own vacuum device: the whackuum. The whackuum not only dishes out damage to your enemies, it can suck blood from citizens and slag out of mechanical foes. It’s a double whammy! But perhaps the choicest delight that Tydy offers up is the chance to rip out an ignition plug from a combustion chamber on a Tydy furnace ship. This plug can easily be turned into a makeshift heart starter, giving you that jolt back to life when you’ve been living life on the edge. Watch out though, because the furnace is a dangerous place… Rumour has it that other goodies can be recovered from Tydy ships due to the large amount of discarded junk that the Tydy bots have been known to collect.


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