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You know what happens as we hit the hump of the month? The Xbox Games With Gold scheme moves into second gear, switching up the freebies that Xbox players can get access to. That’s the case today as we find 2 more games becoming available for free download. 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, whilst the Xbox Game Pass goodies that pop up on a regular basis are most definitely at the fore of Xbox players’ minds, Games With Gold shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, it should be positively embraced as with anything, if you get the opportunity to grab some freebies, you take it. 

September’s Xbox Games With Gold scheme has already seen the likes of Warhammer Chaosbane and Zone of the Enders HD Collection been stripped of their price tags, but now as the latter of those goes back up in price (don’t worry, Warhammer is free until the end of September), 2 further games emerge. 

Those games are the rather tasty Mulaka, and the rather iconic Samurai Shodown II, both of which can now be downloaded from the Xbox Store for zero asking price. 

Taking that of Mulaka first and this is a game which released back in 2018; a third person fighting adventure in which you – as the shaman of a tribe – were tasked with riding your homeland of the most evil of spirits. 

Originally priced at £15.99, our review spoke of great gameplay and design cues, whilst the boss battles were real highlights. In all though, this was one adventure well recommended and so now that it has come to Games With Gold, and is available for all Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players to download for free, it shouldn’t be missed. 

As a mid-month title, you’ve got until the middle of October to ensure you hit the download button and grab Mulaka free-of-charge. 

Alongside that, and running until the end of September, is the free goodness of Samurai Shodown II. An old native Xbox 360 title that is now playable on Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Samurai Shodown II really does need little in the way of introduction. You’d have heard of the franchise and you’ll know that it’s pretty much the pioneer of the sword fighting genre. If that – when combined with that free price – doesn’t sell it to you, we’re not sure what will. 

As always, the Xbox Store will provide the free love to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers, and so if you can tear yourself away from dipping in and out of Game Pass, these are well worth picking up. Just be sure you do so before they go back up in price. 

What will October bring in terms of the Games With Gold freebies? Who knows, but we’ll be sure to bring you confirmation later in the month. For now, let us know in the comments or on the socials which of these games you’ll be playing first. It’s gotta be Mulaka, right?

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