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We keep thinking that the latest piece of new content for Hunt: Showdown is going to be the last, but the Crytek team obviously think different. Hot on the heels of the release of the Death’s Herald content drop comes another – that of The Lawless. 

The Lawless is the latest DLC offering for Hunt: Showdown players to consider and enjoy. And much like those packs which have come prior to it, this sees the addition of another new Hunter (that of the Gunslinger), plus a couple of new weapons. 

Priced at £6.69, Hunt: Showdown – The Lawless focuses mostly on The Gunslinger, a new Hunter who goes by the name of May Belle. An outlaw at heart, The Lawless quite obviously deals nicely with a couple of new weapons, and here and now those come in the form of Felon’s Six and The Accomplice. 

If you’re up for a new option for your Hunt: Showdown sessions, you’ll find The Lawless present and correct from the usual digital storefronts. For Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players, that’ll be the Xbox Store. You’ll also find The Lawless – and the other huge number of Hunt: Showdown DLC packs – present on PlayStation and PC too. 

Drop yourself into the comments or come and find us on the usual social channels if you wish to talk over The Lawless. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

DLC Description:

There are those unsuited to a law-abiding life. Those who had a code of ethics that ran contrary to the general consensus, who sought out thrill over security, and solved their disputes with their own mettle. The lawless frontier once offered opportunities abound for such people, but no longer. Crisscrossed with railways and checkerboarded with towns, wilderness only flourished in preserves, and the long arm of the law flexed its muscles.

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