Moonglow bay

Honestly, sometimes you just have to sit back and admire the trailers you are given. That’s the case with the magical Moonglow Bay which has just been announced for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Xbox Game Pass. 

Announced through the Coatsink and Bunnyhug teams, Moonglow Bay is a relaxing ‘slice of life’ fishing RPG. It’s coming to Xbox, through the Xbox Game Pass programme should you be a subscriber – and it looks absolutely wonderful. 

With Coatsink previously behind the adorable Phogs!, we’ve got equally high hopes for Moonglow Bay. It’ll let you explore the ocean at will, growing businesses, and restoring life to coastal towns as you go. You see, it was Moonglow Bay which was once the jewel of the Canadian coastline, but then the fishing trade was ruins by fantastical creatures. With the area on the verge of going under it is you who has decided that you’ll fulfil your partner’s final wish and kick off a business in town – whether it works or not will depend on the decisions you make. 

In Moonglow Bay you’ll be treated to all manner of things. You’ll be able to chat with some strange locals, you’ll encounter even stranger fish, you’ll be able to cook and sell recipes to different folk and you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment with new rods and boats in tow. In fact, on the face of it Moonglow Bay may well have enough in it to warrant a place on our ‘Best Fishing Games on Xbox‘ list. 

It’s all helped along by a wonderful voxel visual style and a soundtrack that promises to be nothing but sumptuous. Throw in narratives to enjoy, more than 100 species of fish to discover, many encounters with monsters and a town to explore – with all this working in a solo form or through local co-op – and you’ve got one hell of a delightful game. 

“We can’t wait for players to see the world of Moonglow Bay. There is so much to explore and many secrets to uncover. You’ll soon get to know the lovely cast of characters who will help you on your journey!” – The Bunnyhug team

We urge you to watch the trailer below and leave us your thoughts. We’ll then be sure to follow up with further developmental progress as and when we can. 

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