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The Many Monsters of Little Nightmares II



Little Nightmares, a 2D side scrolling horror adventure game from developer Tarsier Studios garnered a healthy amount of critical praise, and as of 2018, sold over one-million copies across all platforms. After the success of this little indie gem, a sequel was inevitable. First announced in 2019, with more details unveiled at Gamescom 2020, Little Nightmares II is set to release this upcoming February for current gen consoles, with a next gen launch later in the year. 

Though brief, the gameplay trailer offers a taste of what to expect in the final build. Six, our protagonist from the first game, is back, teaming up with a new playable hero Mono as they attempt to escape the Wilderness outside of Pale City. Alongside the trailer came a 15-minute long gameplay demo that sees Mono maneuvering through the woods and solving platforming puzzles, all while escaping a shotgun-toting, masked vigilante who also has some sort of sick obsession with mannequins. The original game had its slew of gameplay issues, but it offered a memorable experience in a similar vein to Playdead’s INSIDE. If the gameplay trailer and demo are in any way indicative of the overall tone of the final build, Little Nightmares II will haunt the ever-living feces out of you. 

In celebration of its release date, let’s take a look at some of the monsters you’ll be up against. 

The (Light Sensitive) Mannequins  

little nightmares ii mannequins
Don’t let them out of your sight. Ever.

Ah yes, mannequins. 

Their uncanny nature has haunted us since their very existence, and Little Nightmares II takes full advantage of those fears. The mannequins appear briefly throughout the trailer, moving towards the protagonist when obscured in darkness. Gameplay-wise, this enemy type can offer some sort of strategy when tackling a particular area. 

The first game wasn’t shy in placing players in uncomfortable, time-sensitive situations, and it seems Tarsier Studios will double down in that respect. Their decrepit design and unnatural animations are a highlight of the trailer. 

The Teacher…Lady…Mannequin…Thing?

Something tells me she doesn’t have a high rating on ratemyprofessor.com.

If Tarsier Studios knows one thing, it’s creating fantastic monsters made all the more haunting by the fact that we know little to nothing about their existence. 

The Teacher – or so I call her for the purposes of this trailer – doesn’t seem to have a neck bone, as she can turn her head all the way around if she hears you sneaking behind her. To make matters worse, she knows how to play the piano; arguably one of the most frightening instruments out of them all. 

One quick scene from the trailer, shows the Teacher in a classroom smacking a ruler against a desk. All of the children in the room have their heads down, leaving me to wonder if this is a stealth scene where the player will have to follow along with everyone in the class. Oh, and how could I forget the scene where her head chases after you like some sort of demonic serpent? 

The Hunter

little nightmares ii hunter
Don’t let this cute image fool you…

The gameplay demo revolves around Mono stumbling into the Hunter’s house in the middle of the woods only to have him shoot after you once you escape. 

Again, little information is known at this time, but what I’ve gathered from that 15-minute first look is that he might be the puppet master to all of these mannequins. Inside of the house, you come across what seems like a family of mannequins at the dinner table, while the Hunter remains in the basement tearing something apart. His aim isn’t precise, but he sure is persistent. 

The Tall Man

little nightmares ii the tall man
Yep, he’s tall.

Appearing briefly towards the end of the trailer, the Tall Man teleports around his environment as he chases after you. His abnormally tall demeanor and lack of a defining face make him all the more intimidating – not to mention the fact that his top hat brings to mind Mr. X. 

If I had to predict, he will serve as the main antagonist of the game, seemingly hypnotizing everyone around him with a bright light and static-filled televisions. Of course, this is all left up for speculation. 

Most of our questions might be answered when Little Nightmares II launches on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC on February 11, 2021 with next gen console releases at an unspecified date later that year. But let us know what you think of Little Nightmares II – will you be keeping an eye on development progress?

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