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A retro, pixel-arted action adventure RPG, it’s time to peruse the pages of Book Quest. 

Available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC via Steam and the Nintendo eShop for Switch, Book Quest from Eastasiasoft and Nerd Games will throw you deep into a medieval fantasy world, one that is ripe for exploring as you attempt to retrieve the pages of a magical book. 

You are a young fellow who bears witness to the theft of the said book. From there, you head on out to retrieve it, taking in the dangerous journey that awaits. This adventure will push you from town to town, out into the wilderness and across the most dangerous of lands, as you slowly and surely build up the clues as to where this book lies. 

But expect this to be a perilous journey, one that will have you fighting back against all manner of foe, working dodge rolls, melee attacks and more; upgrading your weaponry and gear as you go. 

There are puzzles in Book Quest too, little environmental mini-games and the chance to uncover many a secret. Solve all and be treated to the information you need and you’ll finally be able to put to bed the mysteries of your family’s most treasured book. 

The key features in all include:

  • Explore a medieval fantasy world in top-down pixel art style!
  • Run, dodge and attack in real-time combat.
  • Equip new weapons and gear to strengthen your character!
  • Solve brainteasing puzzles and play side-scrolling mini games.
  • Enjoy charming cutscenes and dialogue that drive the narrative.
  • Discover the truth behind your family’s stolen magic book!

Well priced just like the majority of Eastasiasoft titles, Book Quest may well appeal. If it seems like a read you’d like to take in, then pay a visit to the Xbox Store and take home your Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S download. Alternatively, find it on the Nintendo eShop or on Steam. Expect to pay £5.79.

Keep an eye out for full review thoughts from us soon. This should well be a game for all the ages. 

Game Description:

Embark on a medieval adventure to reclaim a family heirloom of great power! Take the role of a young man who witnesses the theft of his family’s magic book, which leads to a visit by his grandfather’s ghost compelling him to embark on a dangerous journey to retrieve it. Explore the surrounding towns and wilderness, gather information from townsfolk, strengthen your character with new weapons and gear, track down the culprits who stole the magic book and discover the truth behind it all! Book Quest is an action adventure RPG presented in retro pixel art style featuring cinematic cutscenes and dialogue. Throughout this medieval fantasy, gameplay alternates between top-down and side-scrolling perspectives. Dodge roll and execute melee attacks, collect key items, solve environmental puzzles, equip new gear as you progress and engage in unique mini games as you travel between map locations! This is a nostalgic adventure suitable for all ages, whether you’re a long-time gamer who recalls the genre classics or a newcomer just learning the ropes.

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