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Horror – everyone’s trying it but few are succeeding. In fact, due to the big hitting Capcom controlling the scene with Resident Evil, all other developers and publishers are pretty much found to be playing catch up. But JanduSoft and the developer of HORROR TALES: The Wine, Carlos Coronado, are trying something different – they are taking us to the Med. Where’s the horror in that?

Well, as it turns out, there’s a fair old whack of chills and thrills to be found even when you’re enjoying the most gentle of sea breeze and hot summer sun. You see, in HORROR TALES: The Wine the Devil’s Fevers pandemic has gripped your city and now only the most horrific of nightmares play out. 

Priced at £12.49, HORROR TALES: The Wine comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in an attempt to deliver a different take to the horror genre. But whilst it all looks great, it instantly harks of havoc from yesteryear – you’re trying to run from an evil Nemesis who is relentlessly hunting you down and you’ve got a ton of puzzles to get involved in; both of the physical and mental kind. 

The key features include:

  • – Mediterranean Horror: Explore the forsaken capital of an awe-inspiring archipelago. Do not let yourself be fooled by the gentle sea breeze, the Mediterranean vistas or the comforting summer sun. Since the Devil’s Fevers pandemic ravaged the city, it was abandoned, and now only horrific nightmares await there.
  • – Survive your Nemesis: Someone is relentlessly hunting you. Suffer and agonize while you try to run away from the encounters with this strange stalker obsessed with you.
  • – Intense Challenges: Solve environmental riddles, physics puzzles and other similar challenges in an interconnected vertical world. Even while being chased and hunted.
  • – Accessibility and Photomode: Tweak more than 20 Accessibility settings to create a tailored experience for you. Use the Photomode to make perfect shots and unlock many secrets using it.

With obvious comparisons being made to the genre leaders, it’ll be interesting to see how HORROR TALES: The Wine manages to find a spot for itself in the Xbox eco-system. We guess the price certainly helps and so if you’re looking to take a bit of a punt, and are done with the likes of Resident Evil Village, get over to the Xbox Store and take a hit. Literally. 

Let us know if you decide to confront your fears by heading into the comments.

Game Description:

Explore a post-pandemic fictional Mediterranean island and confront your fears! Immerse yourself in a seemingly abandoned city and struggle to find a precious Banydebosc red wine bottle to cure your loved ones. But be aware; your Nemesis is watching you.

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