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The most meta game ever? Game Type DX is here


Cast your mind back to the heart-warming Xbox 360 era, and you may remember a time where it seemed the format of the Xbox Dashboard was changing every single day, making finding things worse than when they change up the aisles in your local Tesco. Developers Mommy’s Best Games certainly do, and they took it as far as to develop a game in protest of a particular update that made locating indie games on the store incredibly difficult indeed. That game was Game Type, and now Mommy is back!

Game Type DX, releasing today on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, remasters the original, and layers even more on to what was already an incredibly chaotic shoot-em-up, with bullets flying literally all over the place as the hero Hoodie Girl attempts to take down the capitalist MediaBall and its blaring advertisements.

As well as your standard journey through a number of levels, each with incredibly meta in-jokes about the state of the video games industry, in the Standard mode, Game Type DX introduces a number of new enemies, power-ups and even power-downs into the fray. Additionally, Parkour Remix mode offers a new spin on Hoodie Girl’s experience with urban platforming, but what intrigues us most is Surprise! mode, where the game throws the kitchen sink at you, combining level segments and enemies from across the game into a randomly generated set of courses. 

But here’s the catch: each mode has just one level, yet this level loops on itself, with each round getting faster and faster. Whilst the screen seems manageable on loops one and two, reach loop eight and you’ll be wishing to head back to the main menu. That is, of course, if you can’t track down the Time Pulse power-up, which slows down time and gives you a breather, with the opportunity to shoot down foes to build towards the next Time Pulse.

Throw in the option of two-player cooperative mode and Mommy’s Best Games are seriously onto a winner with Game Type DX. If you fancy sticking it to the man (the man being the all-seeing Xbox 360 Dashboard of 2011), then you can pick up a copy of the game on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One from the Xbox Store for £4.99. Alternatively, the game is available on PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Game Description:

Help Hoodie Girl fight the evil MediaBall’s inane advertisements! It’s a high score shooter in which each loop increases the speed and difficulty! A game in two parts: First, brave your way through a confusing maze of menus, then take to the air as the indefatigable “Hoodie Girl” and blast sentient advertisements into cold, hard cash!

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