Video games are a growing industry. Many people enjoy playing them on a daily basis on different devices. While many great video games are available on smartphones, dedicated players use consoles like Playstation 5 or computers for the most demanding games.

The growth of video games is so important that even casino slot developers added gaming mechanisms to some of their offerings. But what are the most popular games ever? How many copies have they sold?

Tetris Is the Best-selling Game of All Time


Unsurprisingly, Tetris sits at the top with an amazing 520 million copies sold. This popular game was created in 1984 in the Soviet Union and still gets modern remakes.

The magical thing about Tetris is that it is very intuitive even if you have never played it before. Different shapes fall and you can rotate them. If you complete a line, it adds to your score. If there’s no more room, you lose. Pretty simple, right? Almost as simple as playing games in the betFIRST section.

This simplicity allowed Tetris to be ported to almost any device imaginable, from old-time consoles like Gameboy to mobile phones and computers.


Even if you’re not into video games, you probably heard about Minecraft. It’s a global phenomenon and has sold more than 280 million copies worldwide since its release in 2011.

In Minecraft, you control a character in first-person view and are free to do whatever you want. It’s like a gigantic sandbox where you can build your house, go on adventures, discover new biomes, and much more.

Some dislike its basic, low-res graphics. Luckily, a huge community of modders has developed texture packs, better lighting effects, and animations. This improves the game greatly and also lets you customise it.

The fact that the game is very modifiable is also a key to its success. These mods can greatly expand the game, even offering new playing modes. And since the community is always working on the game, there seems to be no limit to Minecraft’s growth.

Third, on the Podium is Grand Theft Auto V

Last but not least, GTA V is the third best-selling game ever, with more than 170 million copies sold. Released in 2013, it’s available on many different consoles and PC. In this game, the player assumes the role of three criminals with different backgrounds looking to make one big hit.

The story is incredibly fun, as is the game. In this open-world game, you can explore Los Santos, which is a simulated Los Angeles and its surroundings. The graphics are incredible, and the number of things to do make it very replayable.

But part of GTA V’s success is its online component, GTA Online. It doesn’t have an ending with the same setting but a different story. You simply improve your status in the world by doing missions, earning money, and participating in tournaments.

Game On!

These games are very popular, and their popularity keeps growing. They all share something which helped them reach the top: they are incredibly fun.