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Over the last decade I’ve written about many games. I’ve written about shooters, racing titles, RPGs, puzzlers and more. I’ve covered the biggest AAA affairs and have delved deep into the indie scene. But never have I written about a game that mixes dating, massages and mayonnaise. Until now with the launch of Mr. Massagy: Mayo Edition on Xbox One.

Available to purchase and download right this second, Mr. Massagy: Mayo Edition on Xbox One is a bit of a weird one, delivering two games in one; a dating simulator and a clicker – you know, probably like the stupidly addictive Clicker Heroes.

Priced at a mere £4.19, Mr. Massagy: Mayo Edition will see you playing things out as Johnny, a regular guy who is on the lookout for a new mate. It is here where he finds himself falling into the depths of the dating world as he utilises a dating app to try and find a new friend. With 11 gorgeous bachelorettes ready to answer Johnny’s questions, with replies coming about via the Xbox One controller’s rumble system, asking questions is the name of the game, all in the hope that Johnny can stop being the lonely being he currently is.

But then things take a twist, with the full game of My Name is Mayo coming to the fore. This is a clicker that focuses on a jar of mayo, letting you get in on the massage action. How this plays out? Well, god knows, but our full review of Mr. Massagy: Mayo Edition on Xbox One will most certainly attempt to bring some sense to the madness that is promised.

Features include:

  • Choose among 11 eligible and gorgeous bachelorettes that will make you question many, many things!
  • You will get actual massages from your Xbox One controller’s rumble feature.
  • Mr. Massagy will not help you to conquer your crush, but hey, if it works, we’ll take full credit.
  • The full game of My Name is Mayo is included and raring to go!
  • The mayonnaise might not be actual mayonnaise.
  • Please do not use the controller in weird ways and send us tweets about it.
  • But… if you REALLY want to send us weird stuff, we’ll take it for research purposes.

So are you ready to mix massaging, dating, and a jar of mayo? You’ll find Mr. Massagy: Mayo Edition available from your favourite Xbox Store. Head over there and grab a copy of this cheap – but weird – game. Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments below.

Game Description:

Mr. Massagy: Mayo Edition is a two-game-in-one extravaganza, packed with extra muscles, vibrating massages and mayonnaise! The first game, Mr. Massagy, brings the ultimate speed dating simulator to you! You are Johnny, a muscular bachelor with testosterone to spare. The dating world is harsh and to get massages even harsher, but with the help of your Aussie parrot best friend and a very modern dating app it’s gonna be a breeze! And on the other hand, this version of Mr. Massagy includes the infamous game of My Name is Mayo; a clicker that tells the dramatic, day-to-day existence of a mayonnaise jar with some sort of identity issues… or something like that. If you ever thought that your life needed more mayonnaise and massages, then now is your chance!

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