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In the 18 months or so since the psychological horror of Saint Kotar was confirmed to be coming to PC and console, it’s had a bit of a rocky ride. It was delayed for console, twice, yet whilst it released on Steam more than a year ago, it’s hardly set the place alight. We’re ready to take in the detective tales that it holds though, now that it finally launches on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, rolling out to accompany that previous PC drop, Saint Kotar has been created by those at Red Martyr Entertainment, pushed out to the baying world by those at SOEDESCO. 

It’s priced at £30.99 from the Xbox Store which places Saint Kotar slap bang in the middle of AA gaming territory, and that feels about right for the experience that looks to unfold. 

Placing you in the roles of a couple of guys looking for a missing family members, Saint Kotar whisks us off to the town of Sveti Kotar; a God-devoted land in which an evil presence plays on the weak. Witchcraft and devil worshipping is at the fore of everything that happens in this town and through evidential work, it’s that which points to that missing relative. It’s up to you to work out exactly what has happened. 

Running story and choice-driven narrative lines, there’s a lot going on in Saint Kotar, with the key features holding it together sitting as…

  • Solve the mystery behind your relative’s involvement with the town’s bizarre and morbid rituals
  • Switch between two realities to get to the bottom of the town’s horrifying secrets
  • Take caution as your choices will affect both story and gameplay
  • Discover hidden locations and complete side tasks to uncover the whole story

Game Director and Writer of Saint Kotar, Marko Tominić, on behalf of the whole development team at Red Martyr Entertainment, is happy with the release: “We’re excited to see our very first title coming out on consoles! After the successful Kickstarter campaign, and so much hard work and love put into this title over the years, it’s an incredible feeling to finally see it appear on all these major platforms. We’re proud and honored to join the exclusive PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo-clubs!”

Should you be up for a bit of detective work, then Saint Kotar is calling. You’ll find it on the usual digital stores for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, with the Xbox Store the best place to pick it up. 

Keep an eye out for our full review soon too. 

Game Description:

In this story-and-choice driven psychological horror detective game, you play as Benedek and Nikolay – two troubled godly men in search for their missing relative in an ancient God-devoted town called Sveti Kotar. Here, an unknown presence preys upon the weak and sways on devil worship and witchcraft. Evidence points to your missing relative being involved in the grisly murders and the occult, but what is the truth? Are you also to blame for what happened?

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