The modern warfare themed 8-Bit Armies has already been released as part of the 8-Bit RTS Series, but now the official release date has been set for when 8-Bit Hordes will wreak havoc with its medieval fantasy approach to proceedings on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

8-Bit Hordes will allow players to command enormous armies of mythical medieval creatures from one of two factions – the Deathsworn or the Lightbringers. The Deathsworn lean more towards the dark side, with fiery Dragons, terrifying Cyclops and evil Wraiths amongst their ranks. The Lightbringers meanwhile bring the fight with the likes of brave sorceresses, sturdy Treants and fierce Phoenixes. It’s up to you which of the factions you wish to take into the real-time strategy battles. Fortunately, the straightforward controls should make it easy for players of all levels to build massive bases, summon and command colossal armies, and leave the enemy’s realm in pieces.

Don’t forget that cross-play will be enabled between 8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Armies, meaning that you can cross swords with relentless snipers and the like in online multiplayer. Now you just have to wait until 8-Bit Hordes launches on 1st February, 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A third title is also in the pipeline, 8-Bit Invaders!, but a date is yet to be confirmed for that one.

Be sure to check out the latest gameplay trailer below…

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