nascar 21 ignition throwback dlc

The NASCAR series of games have always struggled. Whether that be because of the niche motorsport angle, or the fact that the gameplay itself has struggled to entertain, when put up alongside other racers, this has failed to excite. NASCAR 21: Ignition may still be in its early days, but there’s hope that the Throwback DLC Pack will be able to help the game push on. 

Available to purchase and download right now for NASCAR 21: Ignition, the Throwback DLC Pack is Motorsport Games’ attempt to breathe some fresh life into their game. It’s priced at £12.49 – which instantly feels overpriced – and allows players the chance to take in some new skins and paint jobs. Honestly, there’s not much more to it than that. 

Granted, we get the chance to see former NASCAR Champ, Darrell Waltrop, in place, with his Western Auto paint scheme provided to help immersion. And there are more than 80 different paint jobs in all, with the following all included…

  • • Ryan Blaney – Advance Auto Throwback
  • • Kyle Busch – M&M’s Throwback
  • • Chase Elliot – Hooters Throwback
  • • Denny Hamlin – Sport Clips Throwback
  • • Brad Keselowski – Freightliner
  • • Kyle Larson – Throwback
  • • Joey Logano – Shell Pennzoil Throwback
  • • Martin Truex Jr. – Auto Owners Throwback

But does that warrant a £12.49 price tag? When the base game has only just released, setting players back £49.99, it’s a big old ask for anyone not a massive fan of the source material. 

Of course, do what you want with your cash and if you wish to open the wallet and add the Throwback DLC Pack into your game, fill your boots. The Xbox Store link is here for those on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You’ll find it on other formats too.

Let us know if you do by dropping into the comments. We’d love to hear what helped you come to your decision. 

DLC Description:

The official game of the NASCAR 2021 Cup Series pays homage to the history of NASCAR with the NASCAR 21: Ignition “Throwback” DLC Pack! This collection of additional content unlocks legendary NASCAR Champion Darrell Waltrip, his classic Western Auto paint scheme, and over 80 paint schemes for the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series drivers

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