spaceland new adventures expansion

Three years on from the Space Rangers arriving in Spaceland on Xbox, a huge New Adventures Expansion arrives. 

Available to purchase, download and add into your base Spaceland game on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S is the New Adventures Expansion. Priced at £11.99, it seems to very much do what it says on the tin, increasing the number of missions available to you and your little Space Rangers. 

With the original base game of Spaceland to hand, grabbing a download of the New Adventures Expansion will see you gifted with the opportunity to take in a couple of new story-driven campaigns. Working on the smaller side to what is already in place, these mini-campaign stages will surely be worth a look by fans of the standard game. 

Alongside that though the New Adventures Expansion will let you also take in the secret ending to the Spaceland story, as well as provide access to more than twenty special daily missions. If you have ever needed a reason to head back to the Spaceland, this could well be it. 

We’d suspect that the New Adventures Expansion will be of interest to existing Spaceland players, but whether there is enough about it to warrant a full purchase of the base game and then this on top, we’re not to sure. 

That’s not to say Spaceland is rubbish. We threw a 4/5 review score at it back in 2020, bigging up the fun pop culture references and quickfire missions. Granted, it felt boring visually, but hey, visuals aren’t everything. 

Should you be willing to give it a go, you’ll discover Spaceland thrusting you into a turn-based strategy calling that harks back to the good old days of the genre. You’ll find Spaceland as a whole on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

The New Adventures Expansion will set you back £11.99. The Xbox Store link for the DLC is here

DLC Description:

This add-on doubles the number of missions available to you and tells new stories of the characters from the original game. Explore two additional story-driven mini-campaigns, complete 20+ special daily missions, and uncover the secret ending to the Spaceland story. Original Spaceland game required.

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