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Fed up with the mundane office life? You need to take in The Office Quest, and today it is found releasing on Xbox One.

Available to purchase and download from the Xbox Store right now, The Office Quest is a new point-and-clicker coming direct from the team at 11Sheep, selling itself on the back of being a game for those who just cannot stay in the office any longer.

Priced up at £9.99, The Office Quest will see you attempting to solve puzzles, work your way through riddles, and make the most of the items around you, all as you try and make a break from the desk and head to freedom.

This will see you needing to make the most of the old grey matter, chatting away with co-workers and running the wrath of your boss as you try to get a handle on your best form of escape from the office abyss. With four chapters of gameplay present, and a ton of super helpful hints and tips being thrust our way as you progress, The Office Quest certainly seems like one of those ‘kick back and enjoy’ titles – and it most definitely seems a whole ton more appealing than staying chained to the real-life desk.

Should you wish to give it a shot and want to ensure that your virtual life is more productive than that of the real one, then The Office Quest can be picked up right now from the Xbox Store. Let us know in the comments below if you decide to pick it up. Those unsure whether they should even bother replicating the usual workplace in their gaming sessions should hold tight for a full review. We’ll have some thoughts soon.

And if you don’t want to play The Office Quest on Xbox One, then you can also pick it up on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Game Description:

Not all heroes wear capes…. some prefer fluffy onesies. The Office Quest is a point & click adventure for all you people who just cannot stay in the office any longer! Solve challenging puzzles and riddles Surprisingly handy objects + your beautiful sharp mind = a clear path towards freedom! Look for the red light and use everything you’ve got to make your way out of the grey abyss called the office… Discover sweet hints Feeling stuck? Need a good laugh? Loads of delightful hints await to make your experience even better! Meet hilarious characters Be it your grumpy boss or annoying co-worker, it’s the people that make the office (as unbearable as it is). Trick them into letting you slip away! Four amazing chapters – Chapter one – “Office Escape” (free!) – Chapter two – “Into the Woods” – Chapter three – “The Desert” – Chapter four – “The Sky” (free!) So who feels like sneaking out early??

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