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2023? That’s ages away yeah? Well, not really and so news that Multiverse’s Earth From Another Sun is set to hit consoles in that year should be something to take note of.

Earth From Another Sun is an open-galaxy space exploration RPG coming from the Multiverse team, and today it has charted a course for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, with a 2023 launch planned. And if you still think that is ages away and can’t possibly wait, well, a Steam demo arrives this week ahead of an Early Access drop in Q2 2022.

Multiverse has revealed that a playable PC demo will debut on October 1st 2021, during the Steam Next Fest and this should allow players the chance to begin to explore a dynamic and ever-evolving galaxy through open-ended gameplay providing unparalleled player agency. You’ll be found scouring star systems for resources, establishing a massive trading empire, or embarking on a military campaign by conquering planets as the galaxy in Earth From Another Sun opens up. With planned user-generated content and biweekly updates, the possibilities are limitless.

Set off on an adventure, navigating to nearby points of interest like planets, pirate dens, and space stations. Take on missions to earn rewards and amass power before recruiting soldiers to your cause, expanding ship fleets, and upgrading an arsenal of impressive weaponry. Interact with an array of memorable characters and romance galactic leaders, many of whom have quest lines with galaxy-changing consequences.

You’ll also get to create a legacy among the stars and wage war on the ground with massive armies. Lead up to 1,000 units in combat, directing soldiers, mechs, and more during epic battles. Utilize precise FPS controls and a near-unlimited array of weapons, skills, and mods to tear through foes and claim victory. Reap rewards from wars to customize guns and take on even more challenging enemies as your faction establishes a foothold in different star systems.

However, combat isn’t the only way to establish dominance. Earth From Another Sun’s sandbox galaxy simulation allows for all manner of playstyles. Buy low and sell high to establish a premier trading empire, investing profit into even bigger hauls. Go treasure hunting in forgotten corners of the galaxy to secure untold loot or become a criminal mastermind to gain an edge.

But that’s not all and in addition to its single-player offering, Earth From Another Sun will support multiple multiplayer modes when it launches in Early Access on Steam in Q2 2022. This will mean you can tackle co-op dungeon runs with allies for a roguelite-inspired session or engage in the massive, 60-player Galactic Dominion Conquest mode, where every player vies for control.

Sounds good, eh? Well, the Earth From Another Sun Steam demo will feature approximately 30 minutes of gameplay, highlighting open-ended exploration and combat. You’ll be able to download the demo for free by visiting the Steam page during the Steam Next Fest from Oct. 1-7, 2021.

“Earth From Another Sun will be the most in-depth and exciting open-world simulation available when it comes to PC via Early Access in 2022 and consoles in 2023,” said Anthony Fernandez, Community Manager and Game Designer, Multiverse. “Our team is working tirelessly to create an entire galaxy to explore, conquer, and control. Whether you want to rule the stars with an iron fist or made millions robbing pirate dens blind, Earth From Another Sun will allow your wildest desires to come true!”

Earth From Another Sun will arrive on Steam Early Access in Q2 2022. Expect to get a console launch through Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2023. We’ll keep you updated.

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