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Should you be in the market for a scare or two, Drop Dead Studios have got you covered with a whole range of options with the Outbreak series of games. Today they bring those together in the Outbreak Definitive Collection – a bundle of games that promises to provide all the nightmares you could ever want. For various reasons.

We’ll start this piece, if we may, by mentioning that Drop Dead have been a little cheeky here. You see, over the past few weeks they have slowly drip-fed their Outbreak games to the Xbox Store, taking what was previously available on Xbox One, and just slapping a great big Xbox Series X|S Optimised sticker on the front. That in itself is a bold move, one that is sure to rile gamers across the globe who have previously paid good money for the standard versions of the games. But now it gets better still with Drop Dead bringing together all of those games in one bundle, and titling it the Outbreak Definitive Collection. 

Priced at £49.99, or discounted down to £39.99 for a short while from launch, this covers all of Outbreak, Outbreak: Epidemic Definitive Edition, Outbreak: Lost Hope Definitive Edition, Outbreak: The New Nightmare Definitive Edition and Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles Definitive Edition

The issue is that these games have only just released over the last few weeks, and so to bundle them all together now, with no previously warning, would have seen gamers splash out a host more in cash terms than if they had just waited a few weeks. I don’t know how that sits with you, but it could have been done all so much better. You know, maybe release them all at the same time and let the gamer decide what they wish to take home.

If you’re fine with that marketing ploy though then feel free to crack on and experience the definitive versions of the retro survival horror nightmares that lay within. Five adventures, £50, a world torn apart by an apocalypse and the chance to grab a friend and play through it all with them doesn’t seem so bad on the face of it. 

Up for some new scares – or just old scares that have been repackaged with X|S Optimisation? Get over to the Xbox Store and grab your download of the Outbreak Definitive Collection on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S right now. 

Bundle Description:

The definitive retro survival horror nightmare awaits as you fight through five adventures in the Outbreak series – optimized and enhanced for the next generation. The apocalypse has torn the world apart and you’ll need all of your wits and a bit of luck to make it out alive – even with a friend along in co-op. From intense over-the-shoulder precision to fixed camera tactical action, you’ll be forced to manage a tight inventory, search for clues, solve puzzles and fight off the undead. Every bullet counts as you make the most of your extremely limited supplies to try to reach evac. Can you survive these intensely traumatic experiences and make it out alive… or will you simply be yet another victim of the undead? Good luck – you’re going to need it!

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