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Having been available on PC for some time, today sees the release of Phoenix Point on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. And, in the form of the Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition no less, that brings all the post-release DLC into the mix too.

From the creator of X-COM, Phoenix Point is a turn-based strategy game featuring an Earth overrun by aliens. As you lead the Phoenix Project into battle to save humanity, you will soon discover these extra-terrestrials are the least of your worries. Rival factions including New Jericho, Disciples of Anu and the Synedrion can either stand with you or stand in your way.

This release on consoles features a new control scheme adapted for controllers – often a sticking point for strategy games on console – and a next-generation update for Xbox Series X|S owners. And there’s more too, with four DLC packs included in the Behemoth Edition: Blood and Titanium, Legacy of the Ancients, Festering Skies and Corrupted Horizons. Together these introduce new abilities, augmentations, missions, enemies, modes and soldiers; basically, the whole kit and caboodle in one neat little package.

Today also sees the base game release into Xbox Game Pass for console players.

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition arrives on consoles priced at £33.49, and includes all the post-release content so far. However, if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber already, the base game is now part of the service, and the Phoenix Pass – Season Pass would then only cost £11.24, giving you access to all the same content at a cheaper price. So, you have options to suit any budget and current subscription level.

Let us know which one you will pick up in the comments below!

Game description

Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition is the definitive console version of the acclaimed strategy game from the creator of X-COM, collecting 4 DLC expansions, a weapons pack and more. The Earth has been overrun. A mutating, alien menace threatens the last remnants of mankind. Only the Phoenix Project, a secret organisation of the greatest minds and bravest soldiers left on earth, can repel the aliens and reverse the inevitable. It is up to you to lead the Phoenix Project: research and develop new technologies and techniques, explore a ravaged planet, build your bases, manage resources on a global scale,and fight challenging, turn-based battles. But you won’t be alone. Factions, including the militaristic New Jericho, the mystical Disciples of Anu, and the technophiles of Synedrion, have their own values and views. You can choose to work together to unite mankind and take back the planet via Phoenix Point’s diplomacy system, or you can simply crush all your rivals with military might. No matter what you choose, you are in for a brutal challenge and endless replayability.

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