The Pillar: Puzzle Escape xbox

Riddle me this, riddle me that, which mysterious puzzler with The Witness vibes does this article look to describe? Well, it’s a 3D adventure called The Pillar: Puzzle Escape and you attempt to escape a maze-like world on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Paper Bunker and ported to these platforms by Eastasiasoft, The Pillar: Puzzle Escape is a mysterious 3D puzzler that aims to challenge your problem-solving skills. Venturing into an unknown world full of clever contraptions and lovely polygon art vistas, you must uncover the truth of this cryptic island. Exploration is encouraged in a bid to overcome various conundrums, which embrace escape room style mechanics. For every solution you figure out, you’ll get closer to fleeing this mythical maze and eventually be able to awaken from it.

While it may seem like a lucid dream, being attentive is crucial as the surroundings often change and evolve. As for the puzzles themselves, well, it’s a case of recreating patterns, working out the correct symbols or codes required, choosing the correct pathways, and more. There’s even a puzzle involving beams of light, so you can be sure variety is in place for this adventure.

Key Features:

  • Search for a way to escape ever-evolving challenges!
  • Explore a wondrous world with diverse and beautiful landscapes.
  • Solve puzzles to unlock the mysteries of each island.
  • Experience the adventure through a classic first-person perspective.

The first mystery you must solve is how to add The Pillar: Puzzle Escape to your gaming library. We can help with that one by pointing you towards the Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop or PS Store, and informing you it’ll cost £8.39 – unless you’re quick enough to grab it for the discounted price of £6.71. Be sure to check out our full review if you wish to learn more about it!

Game Description:

Solve the mysteries of an enigmatic island and escape back to reality! Cleverly mixing mystery and puzzle solving, The Pillar: Puzzle Escape ventures deep into an unknown world filled with riddling contraptions and scenic vistas. Explore islands that each offer unique environments and secrets to discover. Remain aware of your surroundings as they change and evolve like a lucid dream. With every challenge you overcome, you grow closer to escaping the mythical maze and waking up from the elaborate cage that’s trapped you inside!

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