hunt showdown the prodigal daughter dlc

There have been many additions made to Hunt: Showdown since launch. After first breaking out of Game Preview status, we’ve seen Deluxe and Gold editions drop, we’ve had new weapons arrive, and we’ve had a pair of unlikely characters ready themselves for action. Now we have another addition, that of The Prodigal Daughter. 

Available to purchase and download right now into your Hunt: Showdown base game, The Prodigal Daughter DLC is the latest piece of content to enhance the game, bringing with it the titular Hunter, and a couple of new weapon types. 

Running at a price of £5.79 from the Xbox Store, Hunt: Showdown – The Prodigal Daughter comes to the fore in hope of avenging her mother’s death. Rumoured to be ageless, reincarnated and in search of revenge, if you are looking for a new character to ply your trade with in Hunt: Showdown, surely The Prodigal Daughter is it. 

Not only does she come exuding fear, but The Prodigal Daughter is nicely equipped with The Harbinger and The Reckoning, two new weapons that are sure to swing the tide of the Hunt in your favour. 

With the base game in hand, taking a trip to the Xbox Store and picking up the Hunt: Showdown – The Prodigal Daughter DLC for play on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S should really be your next course of action. You’ll also find Hunt: Showdown playable on PC.

DLC Description

Many come to the Bayou to forget their past. But Sarah Burton came to confront it, bringing along a Caldwell, a Sparks LRR, and a hunger for revenge. Burton’s mother, honored veteran of the Union received a uniform symbolic of the final victory. Now, her daughter inherits that uniform – alongside a dark legacy, mottled with betrayal, cruelty, and treachery. Vowing to destroy those who had had a hand in her mother’s death, rumor soon has it that the daughter is an ageless, reincarnated and restless spirit of revenge.

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