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Creating an indie game is every game developer’s dream.

“Indie” means, a game created by an individual or a small team especially one that needs financial aid. 

Most of the new developers don’t have money to cover the funding expenses, marketing cost and other expenses involved in creating a new game. This means that they need to obtain funds from funding sources or work with video game publishers to sponsor the game development.

In the gaming world, you will notice that more and more indie games are doing so well. So, if you want to join the indie developers, what are some of the pros and cons you should know?

The Pros

  • Professional and creativity freedom

When working as your own boss, you have the freedom to do whatever you like; however, you see it right. This is the same case with indie developers you have the freedom and full control over your project. You can make the project as extensive as you like, modify and remove whatever you think doesn’t fit.  You have the freedom to work on your own schedule.

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  • Expanding your skills

Indie developers are also found in small groups. In these groups, every member needs to develop new skills from others to keep things moving. Each person will have to take more than one role. 

You will find the gaming developer working with the marketing person. This pushes them to gain more skills to ensure their project is a success.

  • Flexible deadlines

When working alone or in a small team, no one is pressuring you to meet any deadlines. You are not likely to put yourself into strict deadlines, but you will definitely stick to your time plan. Working together without strict deadlines or rules is also productive and fun for the team members.

  • Conducive environment

If you are working alone, you get to choose from where you will work from and for how long. You have the freedom to select your preferred location with the amenities you need.

If you are working as a small team, most likely you are close buddies. You will always have a great time working together as you learn new things. You get to hang out with your friends doing something you all love. 

The Cons

  • Slow development on long term projects 

Game development is a time-consuming process!

 Working on a big project as a solo developer can be quite hectic. You will need to input a lot of working hours, and it will take you longer to complete the project. What may take professional team weeks to complete may take you lots of months.

  • Lack of business knowledge

The lack of proper business management skills can ruin your business.

You have to understand that game development is a business and not a game in itself. This means that you have to have the proper business running skills to ensure that your business stays afloat. Look at the profits and always conduct thorough research before starting the business.

  • Lack of funds

Lack of funds is one of the major disadvantages of indie development. Even small projects are costly and time-consuming.

Most indie developers have said that they almost quit due to lack of funds. If you are working alone, no one is paying you to develop the game. You have to figure out how you will fund all the resources and still cover your own needs.


In case you are working on a small project and want to work solo? Indie development is great!

Independent game development is for those developers seeking total freedom even if it means long working hours and no guaranteed paycheck.

If you are looking for stability, then work with a team or a studio.