The Jackals may have previously been invading, but now it’s time for the Ravenii to step up a gear and go on the rampage. Yep, the latest DLC addition to Extinction is here.

Available right now as either a £5.99 individual purchase, or as part of the Extinction Days of Dolorum Season Pass (£12.79 if you are interested), comes the Ravenii Rampage expansion to ensure that your time with Extinction lasts just that little bit longer.

Ensuring that you are equipped to save humanity, this latest content addition for Extinction will see you battling the Ravenii, taking on the ogre onslaught to the very best of your abilities.

With the base game obviously being needed in order for anyone to enjoy this latest content, you should already be pretty familiar with how the Ravenii work – but at 150 foot tall and intent on destroying mankind, just make sure you shoot first and ask questions later.

The Ravenii Rampage DLC is available right now from a digital store near you. For us Xbox One gamers that obviously means paying a visit to the Microsoft Store. Make sure you head over there asap. For more details regarding the base game, our review will sort you out.

DLC Description:

As the sole warrior equipped with the skills to save humanity, you must use everything in your arsenal to defeat the ogre onslaught. This add-on is also included as part of the ‘Days of Dolorum’ Season Pass. Purchase of this additional content requires the Extinction game.


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