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What would happen if a planet’s water ran out? It’s that which is the main focus of the retro futuristic cyberpunked Visual Novel of Vengeful Heart.

Previously only available on PC, Vengeful Heart from Top Hat Studios and Salmon Snake makes the move to consoleland as it gives a whole new swathe of player the chance to take on the role of Josephine Lace – a young hydraulic engineer tasked with living in a world in which water is scarce.

It comes to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, playing out as a Visual Novel that focuses on a corrupted system and world. How you get through it will be up to you and your decision making.

You see, this is set in a world in which water has become as scarce as liquid gold, and the poor masses are forced to cope with a permanent shortage. Josephine is eager to climb the corporate ladder to improve her living conditions, but a bad twist of fate slams her against the cold, muddy basement of the homeless life. Soon, she becomes hellbent on taking down the system that ruined her and starts looking for more broken hearts to achieve her promised revenge. Will this crazy plan help Josephine get the redemption she longs for?

Well, take in our full review of Vengeful Heart on Xbox Series X|S (pretty much spoiler free) in order to find out.

The key features of Vengeful Heart that you need to concern yourself with include:

  • Experience a unique story rich in social commentary with both grim and humoristic undertones, widely inspired by anime series/movies from the late 80s such as Bubblegum Crisis and Akira — any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental.
  • Face the consequences of your decisions in a story that branches with widely different outcomes.
  • Destroy the oligarchy in style: our personal colorful aesthetic will remind you of PC-98. Experience a post-industrial future when the thing we take most for granted – water – becomes liquid gold..
  • Listen to a wonderfully immersive synthwave soundtrack that will make you nostalgic for a time that never was.

Should you be down for a new Visual Novel and reckon a weird cyberpunky world is one that is of interest, then you should be downloading Vengeful Heart from the usual stores right now. You’ll find it at the Xbox Store (£8.39) for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, as well as the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5 and Nintendo eShop for Switch. It’s on PC too via Steam and Epic.

Game Description:

In a world after the water has run out, hydraulic engineer Josephine falls victim to a corporation’s schemes. Homeless, jobless, and robbed of a heart, what will she do next? Set long after humanity has polluted this planet, groundwater is undrinkable and seeing a living plant is considered a luxury. Most people live in megacities that rely on the labor of poor masses to sustain a modern standard of living for the few at the top. With the Earth scorched, water is liquid gold, and control of it is the truest form of power. Forced to cope with a permanent water shortage, ordinary people persist and toil in the hope that if they work hard enough, they too can someday swim every morning in the refreshing pools of the Gardens. We follow the story of Josephine Lace, a young hydraulic engineer eager to climb the corporate ladder and claim a spot at the top. Until the day when that promising future is ripped away from her, leaving her half-dead and homeless, she becomes hellbent on taking down the system that ruined her and left her without a heart. Along the way she meets a diverse group of people sympathetic to her cause, every one with secrets of their own. With their help, perhaps she will find redemption, love, and most of all – vengeance.

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