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The Ribbon-Riding Rhythm Rail-Shooter Returns – Aaero2 gets full Xbox release this September

Aaero2 keyart
Aaero2 is coming to Xbox Series X|S soon

Remember the brilliant bass-pounding, ribbon-riding of Aaero? It’s still one of our most favourite of all Xbox games, but come this September we’re hoping it gets usurped – by the sequel, Aaero2. 

A stunning sequel?

Continuing to build the beat, the Mad Fellows team behind the original brilliant Aaero have today confirmed that Aaero2 will launch on Xbox Series X|S this September 2024. It’ll then be followed by a Steam drop a little later, with that added to by other platforms later still. 

Aaero2 sees Mad Fellows take what was great about Aaero, before rebuilding things from the ground up. They promise to have taken into account every single little bit of feedback they found on the first game, as Aaero2 takes things to new levels. 

And yes, that means Aaero2 will be complete with full multiplayer. Cooperative play will be in house, as wil PvP gameplay, across both local and online spheres. Of course, it’ll all be powered by a soundtrack put together by Monstercat, pushing you through the ribbon-racing gameplay, hyping the adrenaline. 

What is Aaero2?

If you played the first Aaero, you should probably know what to expect with Aaero2, but in case you didn’t, let us fill you in. 

In Aaero2 you take charge of a little spacecraft, left to follow and trace ribbons of light, in turn releasing energy of the music that accompanies things. There will be strange enemies to take down, giant bosses to overcome and alien worlds to navigate. And you’ll get to do so by unleashing a barrage of missiles and cannon fire – all whilst enjoying a stunning soundtrack. 

“Aaero2 has been in full-time development since 2019. We’ve avoided announcing a release date up until now because we always said ‘it will take as long as it takes’. We’re very proud of it and can’t wait to see what people think.” – Paul Norris: Creative Director, Mad Fellows

Key features

  • Incredible Licensed Soundtrack: Experience an electrifying soundtrack provided by Monstercat, perfectly synchronized with the game’s action to keep your adrenaline pumping.
  • Dynamic Multiplayer Modes: Engage in thrilling 2-player co-op and PvP modes, available both locally on the couch and online, adding a fresh layer of excitement and competition.
  • Everything is tailored to the music: Enjoy gameplay and environments carefully crafted to align with each unique music track.
  • Stunning Visuals & Effects: Expect a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere with mesmerizing lighting and effects.
  • New Combat System: Redesigned from the ground up, discover a reworked combat system, offering fresh, dynamic gameplay mechanics to master.
  • Epic Boss Battles: Face off against gigantic, formidable creatures in epic boss battles that will test your skills and timing.

Watch the trailer

We’ll be sure to let you know as Aaero2 drops onto Xbox Series X|S this September. For now, take in the trailer below and let us know your thoughts. 

You can wishlist on Steam too. There’s even an Indiegogo campaign to back if that’s your bag.

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