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Warface: Breakout gives you the opportunity to become the ultimate mercenary. And with the latest DLC pack for the game, it also gives you the chance to work with a ton of weapons. What’s not to like about the arrival of the Riot Cosmetic Pack in Warface: Breakout!

Available to purchase, download and add into your Warface: Breakout base game right now, the Riot Cosmetic Pack arrives with a host of new weaponry in tow, ensuring that if you’re one of the many looking to gain an upper-hand in the tactical online first person shooter, the chance is there for you to do so. 

Priced at £8.39, the Riot Cosmetic Pack may not totally change up how Warface: Breakout plays out for you, but it will at least allow you the chance to look good as you go into battle. With the base game having just recently spent time as a free download via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme, if you’re one of those who quickly found time for the game, and still keep going back to it now, then the Riot Cosmetic Pack should be of interest. 

But what does it bring? Well, for that £8.39 asking price you will gather up new in-game content from the latest season of Breakout, with all of the following included…

  • Spring Rabbit: Exclusive Reaper FBS
  • Alpha Wolf: Exclusive Warden FBS
  • Toxic (LWRC SMG-45): Epic weapon skin
  • Tear Gas (Desert Tech MDR-C): Epic weapon skin
  • Bloodgrinder (Knife)

As you can see, anything that allows for a bit of enhancement and amendment to the world of Warface: Breakout is always much appreciated and that’s exactly what this Riot Cosmetic Pack brings. 

If you wish to grab it for yourself, head on over to the Xbox Store right now. You’ll then find it downloadable into your base game on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

DLC Description:

The Riot Cosmetic Pack contains in-game content from the latest season of Warface: Breakout

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