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It’s been barely a month since gamers first had the opportunity to blast their way to victory with Rocket Arena. But that’s not stopping the content from starting to flow with a new Mythic Upgrade pack now in place. 

Created by Final Strike Games and pushed out to the world under the EA banner, Rocket Arena arrived in July to allow players to embark on a new rocket-fuelled journey – one which consists nearly entirely of attempting to put the blast under your foes as you try to become the Rocket Arena champion. 

A 3v3 shooter of the most explosive variety, strategy, tactical depth and knowledge of a decent roster of heroes and their abilities is key to success in Rocket Arena. But there is another way to get one-up – grabbing the Rocket Arena Mythic Upgrade pack. 

This latest DLC drop is one full to the brim with content, with the Mythic Upgrade pack providing access to no less than four new Outfits, a couple of Trail types and enough Rocket Fuel to ensure you can take home the enticing Battle Pass without worry. 

Priced at £3.99 – or £3.59 for those with EA Access – the Rocket Arena Mythic Upgrade Pack include:

  • Mythic Guardian Phoenix Jayto Outfit
  • Epic Frost Princess Kayi Outfit
  • Epic Cyber Sailor Blastbeard Outfit
  • Epic Stone Temple Izell Outfit
  • Epic Pulsar Megablast Trail
  • Epic Fragment Return Trail
  • 1000 ROCKET FUEL (Enough Rocket Fuel to purchase the Blast Pass!)

You will need the base game to hand in order to enjoy these new pieces of content. If you haven’t got it already, make sure you take in our full review of the game on Xbox One. It should just about do enough to tempt you in to a purchase. 

Let us know your thoughts on everything Rocket League and this latest Mythic Upgrade. The comments section is down below. 

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