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Over the course of the last four months or so the usual weekly Rocksmith DLC additions have taken a bit of a turn. Not content with just throwing out song pack after song pack, the Rocksmith gods have taken pity upon us poor guitar players and given chance for us to move our skills on a few levels. Today we see that opportunity once more with the next instalment in the Intermediate Exercises – Volume 2, in fact.

June 2019 first saw the arrival of the Easy Exercises in Rocksmith 2014 and Rocksmith Remastered, and that was fast followed up by the initial Intermediate Exercises. From there, we were treated to some rock god level Advanced drills, before the second set of exercises dropped in for those who like to take things a bit easy. And now, as if by magic, the next set of Intermediate Exercises has arrived, with the second volume of tests, drills, and techniques.

Priced up at £4.19, the Rocksmith Intermediate Exercises Volume 2 DLC pack furthers what has been learnt in the previous packs, providing access to 5 new tutoring levels in the form of more linear playing, string switching, string skipping, hammer-ons and pull-offs.

If you’re familiar with what Rocksmith delivers, then you should just about find these latest middle-of-the-road exercises more than doable, as they push on from what was found in the previous Easy Exercises pack, and get you prepared for the madness of what is to come – expect another Advanced lesson in a few weeks.

In order to get access to this latest set of exercises then the usual digital stores will need to be taken in. For us Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers that means paying a visit to the Xbox Store, whilst those in PlayStation land will have to check out their own options.

Of course, should you not want to pay to further your skills, and prefer to hold on tight for more proper tunes from real-world bands, then we’d expect to see another load of those coming in next week. There are of course a ton of options already available and waiting for your cash.

Whatever you decide though, let us know in the comments below. And if you wish to know more about Rocksmith, our full review of the game on Xbox One should be taken in.

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