wreckfest rusty rats dlc

We’ve seen the Retro Rammers, we’ve laughed at the Goofy Roofs and we’ve beat up the Backwoods Bangers. Today though Wreckfest is expanding once more – with the Rusty Rats Car Pack. 

Available right this second, the Rusty Rats Car Pack is the sixth DLC pack to hit Wreckfest on Xbox One, PS4 and PC since launch, and this one brings three new rusty, ratty, cars. Working their way to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC stores, the Rusty Rats Car Pack will see you needing to fork out just £3.29, but from there out you’ll discover a world of madness once more.

A trio of vehicles, should you be looking to expand your Wreckfest garage then the following will fast become yours…

  • Raiden RS: This rear engine 80s coupe is hard to beat on twisty tracks, and being so short also makes it hard to hit!
  • RebelRat: Finally, some strong American muscle, offering an excellent balance of agility and toughness.
  • Vandal: As streamlined as a rock, but just as tough. This van is a great choice for any events involving a lot of damage.

Whilst this may well be the sixth DLC pack to arrive in Wreckfest, it is the fourth that focuses fully on cars and along with the other additions is also available as part of the Wreckfest Season Pass. This in itself promised 20 new cars, 20 special roof decals and even more bits and bobs like armour, rims and other oddities. Should you love Wreckfest and can’t get enough of a bit of banging, then that Season Pass really does sell itself.

Should you wish to grab the Rusty Rats Car Pack though you just need to head to the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, or the Steam Page. Obviously you will need the base Wreckfest game in place in order to enjoy these rats.

Let us know if you’ll be adding this pack to your game.

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