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The variety of tunes to hit the Rocksmith library never fails to amaze, and one week after seeing P.O.D. send over some Christian nu-metal vibes, rockers around the globe get access to some of the most classical of melodies, with the iconic When The Saints Go Marching In, stealing the show.

Priced up at a super cheap £2.39, the Rocksmith Classic Melody Song Pack brings forth a trio of new tunes to the library, allowing all those jamming with Rocksmith 2014 Edition or the later Remastered version access to the following tunes:

  • When The Saints Go Marching In
  • Amazing Grace
  • Frère Jacques

Running slightly differently to other weeks though – and the cheap price point of the song pack obviously determines this – but there are seemingly no individual tunes available for purchase this time around. In fact, grabbing all three tunes via the Classics Melody Song Pack is the only way forward here. But hey, if you wish to just learn the riffs of a specific tune, you can do so with ease. You will however obviously need the base game to hand, but from there on out visiting the Xbox Store (Xbox One and Xbox 360), or the PlayStation Store (PS3, PS4) will see the tunes automagically being added in to your game.

Of course, should these classics not appeal to you – and even with the draw they have, we’d fully understand the reason why – then checking out any of the songs that have released in previous weeks will certainly see you finding something of interest.

Whatever you do though, if you’re serious about learning guitar and want the fastest way to do so, then Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Rocksmith Remastered is a game for you. Make sure you check out our review and let us know your thoughts and comments by posting in the section below.

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