snowrunner tatra dual pack

You may not believe it, but SnowRunner is really, really good. So much so that it’s right up there with the very finest off-road driving experiences that you can get from the gaming world. If you’re one of the many who has spent time slowly navigating the treacherous lands that the SnowRunner base game delivers, then you’ll know all about the need for new vehicles and machinery – and with the latest add-on for the game, the TATRA Dual Pack, you’ll be getting just that. 

Available to purchase and add into your SnowRunner base game right now is the latest addition from the Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive teams. The TATRA Dual Pack allows players to gain additional hits of versatility from their vehicle roster, with the addition of two new trucks – the TATRA 813 and the TATRA 805. 

Costing just £4.99, these two new vehicles will bring you a whole load of new choice whenever you drop into the world of the SnowRunner, helping you drag and drop trailers, gear, stock and more across the variety of maps which are included. 

You’ll find the TATRA Dual Pack also included in the SnowRunner Year 2 Pass, which in itself adds in even more vehicles, maps and add-ons. In fact, should you be a fan of what the base game provides, we’d go as far as to say that a purchase of the Year 2 Pass is pretty much essential. You’ll find that from your local digital store too, costing you £19.99 in cash. 

But it’s the SnowRunner TATRA Dual Pack that should be the main focus for now and so if you wish to enhance your game even more, head over to the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, grab the download and enjoy the power of the 813 and 805. You should also be able to find this content on PlayStation and PC. 

Let us know in the comments if you decide to pick it up. 

DLC Description:

Expand and bring even more versatility to your SnowRunner fleet with the TATRA Dual Pack, giving you access to the iconic TATRA 813 and TATRA 805!

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