Mutant Football League snuffalo thrills release xbox

There are already a fair few extraordinary teams available via DLC to bolster your selection in the brutal American Football spoof Mutant Football League, including the recently unleashed Gnashville Lycans. Would you like another though? Well, the Snuffalo Thrills have rocked up on Xbox, accompanied by a super cheap price tag!

That’s right, the Snuffalo Thrills (an obvious parody of the Buffalo Bills) are the latest squad to be introduced as downloadable content for Mutant Football League. The Thrills may only have an overall rating of 79, but they’re on the up thanks to Mosh Slammen – the star Quarterback. Throwing the ball 60 yards with pinpoint accuracy and being able to squash any opposing Linebashers have certainly helped cement its place in the team alongside Teflon Riggs, Tre’Dangerous Fright, and Tremaim Deadmunds. As for the Dirty Tricks up their sleeves, this lot are capable of Ginormous, Shotgun, Sticky Ball, and Sonic Blast.

If you’re not satisfied with just a new team, the DLC also brings a brand new stadium and the Thrills’ very own theme song, “Cold Steel and Ice” by Brian Schmidt. For those venturing out to play as – or against – the Snuffalo Thrills, the NewFeara Stadium delivers a snow-covered field with blizzard-like conditions to handle. Be aware that sporadic machine gun fire will target the visiting team too.

Should the Snuffalo Thrills DLC be everything you want from a prospective new team, you’ll be thrilled at the price. That’s because this bunch of ruffians are available to purchase for a measly £0.79 on the Xbox Store. Let us know whether you are going to head to the field with the Thrills by leaving a comment below!

Game Description:

This downloadable content includes: • Snuffalo Thrills Team – The Thrills are a team on the rise with a star Quarterback, Mosh Slammen, who can steamroll a Linebasher, while throwing a dime sixty yards downfield. They have a nasty defense, that will punch you in the mouth and then say, “hello!” The Thrills are on a playoff run. • New Feara Stadium – play against or as the Thrills in NewFeara Stadium, on a snow-covered field in blizzard conditions with sporadic machine gun fire targeting the visiting team. • “Cold Steel and Ice” by Brian Schmidt – The Thrills’ home musical theme song. This content requires the base game Mutant Football League in order to play.

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