Remember The Rocketeer? You know, the early ’90s big screen sensation that starred Billy Campbell, Timothy Dalton and Jennifer Connelly to tell the tale of how a rocket man went about actioning many heroic deeds? Well, in my mind Socketeer is the video gaming version of that film, just with socks playing a key role in the entire experience. Imagine my dismay when realisation that it isn’t hit home!

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One is Socketeer, a roguelike title about a small hacking robot who comes with no form of arsenal and has to strategically work his way through a space station and past a load of enemies. And unfortunately it has absolutely no link to the much panned – but hugely enjoyable – Rocketeer.

What it does have though is a cheap £7.99 price, the chance to hunt down and hack secret treasure chests, unlock new abilities for your little robot friend and use the environment found around you to your advantage. Lava pits, stun lasers and more should all be combined to this little robot’s delight!

The Xbox Store will be able to sort you out with a download, and if you’re looking for a little sci-fi roguelike puzzler, then you should seriously begin to dream of heading to the world of the Socketeer. He may not have a rocket pack, but he has plenty of charm!

Game Description:

In Socketeer you play as a small hacking robot who has no weapons, but is surrounded by enemies who do. Strategically hack robots to control their combat abilities and use them to advance deeper into each space station stronghold in this charming sci-fi roguelike. · Hack over 10 unique robots and use their attacks to defeat your enemies · Blast open the hull to suck enemies out into space but don’t get caught yourself! · Purchase upgrades at the shop OR risk hacking the Shopkeeper to take it all for FREE! · Find and hack secret treasure chests for valuable loot and unlock new abilities! · Use environmental traps like lava pits, explosive canisters, stun lasers, and more to defeat enemies quickly!

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