Grip Games had promised they would show off something ambitious at E3 and the announcement of The Solus Project looks to be just that.

Teaming up with Teotl Studios, the single player survival title, The Solus Project will be coming to Xbox One and PC, as you embark on a journey as mankind’s last hope. Stranded on a deserted alien planet, you’ll need to survive the harsh environment and find a way to send a signal back home. Confronted with merciless weather, and danger lurking around every corner, the player must save the human race while unraveling the deep secrets of the seemingly deserted alien civilization. Is he truly alone?

“The Solus Project is a work of love for us. Two independent teams set out to build their dream game, with the goal of building a truly unique experience and with an ambition to match the visuals of AAA games. After more than two years of development, we are now ready to show ‘The Solus Project’ publicly for the first time. We hope that the players will enjoy our atmospheric world full of mystery”, said Jakub Mikyska, CEO of GRIP Digital.

If you are at E3, then make sure you check it out at Microsoft’s booth, in the West Hall, number 4100.

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