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There are many poker experiences available on Xbox, allowing you the chance to prove yourself as a card wizard, catching the fish and honing your finest poker face. Amongst the very best is Prominence Poker – a free-to-play title that is built around the underground gambling scene. It’s that game which has today received some new DLC, as players get the opportunity to attend the Spring Drink Party. 

Prominence Poker has been kicking around the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S since way back in 2016. A game that costs nothing to download and play, a host of downloadable content packs have arrived to bulk out the base game since that time. There’s pretty much something for everyone in those packs, with the cheap and cheerful giving way to some seriously expensive drops. 

Now though comes the Spring Drinks Party. Costing £4.99 to enter, this exclusive club adds in a whole host of new drinks and drink accessories to the game, ensuring that you can flop your cards and hit the river in style. We’re not sure it’s a massive game-changing addition, and if you’re not already familiar with what Prominence Poker brings, this certainly isn’t going to be an instant hit, but for those card sharks found pounding the table, it may well suit. 

You can find the Prominence Poker Spring Drinks Party pack over at the Xbox Store, using it with the base game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

If you want to know more about Prominence Poker as a whole, we’d point you towards our full review of the game. Failing that, other poker options include the likes of Four Kings: Video Poker and Poker Club. You could even find out whether you really do have a decent poker face with our Poker Face film review

DLC Description:

An assortment of drinks and drink accessories to get your spring started with a bang!

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